Strengths of REDCOM EMS


Support functions for Operations are performed by REDCOM employees using REDCOM-owned equipment, so vulnerability to schedule slips caused by third-party provider failure is greatly reduced. A back-up generator is capable of keeping the entire plant running for several days if the power grid goes down.


Assembly and inspection stations are on casters or otherwise easily moved, enabling REDCOM EMS to configure the most efficient workflow based on job-dictated assembly and test operations. ECO response: immediate cut-ins are supported. All personnel are cross-trained in assembly, inspection, and test functions.


Operational and logistic flexibility help us respond quickly to changes in your product’s configuration or demand forecast. But of equal importance to ability is an attitude that the “S” in EMS—service—is what it all sorts on. Responsiveness is the essence of great service. We strive to answer your questions and address concerns without delay. If there are obstacles to this, we identify and eliminate them as much as possible. 


Entrusting your project to an EMS provider can be daunting. There is always the concern that you care more about it that the provider does. And it’s an uncomfortable feeling that you don’t understand how the provider manages your work. Will the job ship on time? Will the quality be good?

The reliability, flexibility, and responsiveness of REDCOM EMS combine to afford you maximum control over the electronics manufacturing outsourcing experience. We don’t put up barriers between your team and ours. It is one team.